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What media company filed for bankruptcy this week?

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Which state became the first to ban TikTok?

TikTok users are suing the state, calling the ban 'unconstitutional'.

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The Codex Sassoon—the oldest known near-complete Hebrew Bible—sold for $38 million yesterday, becoming the second most expensive book ever sold. What's the first?

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Global temperatures are expected to soar in the next 5 years. What year was the Earth's hottest?

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In April, home prices had their their biggest drop in 11 years, but this change is uneven across the country. Which area had the largest drop?

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Democrats and Republicans are on a partisan collision course over raising the debt ceiling. What is the current debt ceiling?

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The newest Fast & Furious movie will release tomorrow. Including tomorrow's release, how many movies are in the Fast saga?

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Elizabeth Holmes will report to prison later this month. How long is her sentence?

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U.S. Central Bankers indicated they anticipate interest rates will remain high in order to curb inflation. What is the target inflation rate?

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Turkey held presidential elections this week. What was the outcome?