McCarthy and Biden both say Thursday that negotiators are making 'progress'

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Over which financial issue are Congressional leaders currently at a stalemate, posing a risk that the U.S. could potentially run out of funds to pay its bills as early as next week?

Universities are preparing for the possible end of race-conscious affirmative action.Credit...

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In anticipation of a potential U.S. Supreme Court ruling against race-conscious admissions, what major change has the Common App - a universal application used by over 1,000 colleges and universities - implemented as of August 1?

Each year, the million or so students applying to college through the Common App are given the option to check a box, disclosing whether they identify as Hispanic, Asian, Black or white, among other choices. If requested, the Common App will conceal basic information on race and ethnicity — a move that could help schools if the Supreme Court ends affirmative action.

Texas state Attorney General Ken Paxton reads a statement at his office in Austin, Texas

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The three-term Attorney General of which state is facing impeachment charges for, among other things, allegedly engaging in illegal acts to protect a political donor?

Saturday afternoon, Republican state Attorney General Ken Paxton will face an impeachment vote in the Texas House after a committee, led by Republicans, adopted 20 articles of impeachment against him.

Jensen Huang, CEO of Nvidia, shows the Nvidia Volta GPU computing platform at his keynote address at CES in Las Vegas

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This tech company reported earnings this week, outperforming on the back of the AI boom, leading to a 24% stock price increase and a market cap of nearly 1 trillion dollars.

The 24 percent rise in stock price means Nvidia is now worth $939.3 billion. That's more than Tesla and Facebook, which are worth $584.7 billion and $647.6 billion, respectively. And it sits just behind the Big Tech companies of Apple, Google, Microsoft and Amazon and Saudi state oil giant Saudi Aramco — the only companies more valuable.

Biden and Reese embrace at the ceremony.

The Washington Post, Elizabeth Frantz

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What did LSU star Angel Reese hand to Dr. Jill Biden in a public event - a conclusion to the public back-and-forth between them that garnered headlines last month?

The afternoon featured LSU star Angel Reese handing a commemorative jersey to Dr. Jill Biden, posing for a photo and giving her a hug. Last month, after attending the Tigers' 102-85 victory over Iowa in the national title game, the First Lady made an offhand suggestion that her husband should extend White House visits to both teams 'because they played such a good game.' The comment prompted backlash from the Tigers and Reese in particular. She referred to Biden's suggestion as 'A JOKE.'