Elizabeth Holmes began an 11-year prison sentence

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On Tuesday, Elizabeth Holmes, the ex-CEO of Theranos, began an 11-year prison sentence in Bryan, Texas. What was she convicted of?

Reliance’s JioCinema breaks world record with free cricket streaming

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The finale of the 16th Indian Premier League (IPL) cricket league tournament, in which the Chennai Super Kings beat the Gujarat Titans, broke which global record?

JioCinema, an Indian streaming platform, broke the global record for the most simultaneous views of a livestreamed event, attracting over 32 million viewers for the finale of the Indian Premier League cricket tournament. This surpassed the previous record held by Disney's Hotstar, which drew 25.3 million viewers for a cricket match in 2019.

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The Center for AI Safety released a statement warning that artificial intelligence technology could pose an existential threat to humanity. Which companies' executives signed the statement?

The Center for AI Safety, a nonprofit organization, has released a statement signed by over 350 AI professionals asserting that mitigating the risk of extinction from AI should be a global priority, on par with other large-scale societal risks like pandemics and nuclear war.

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Florida Gov. and newly announced presidential candidate Ron DeSantis kicked off his White House bid on Tuesday evening in which key state?

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is set to launch his White House campaign in Iowa, a crucial early testing ground for potential Republican presidential candidates. This move will provide early insights into whether GOP primary voters are prepared to shift focus from former President Donald Trump.

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What unusual requirement is Air New Zealand asking its passengers on international flights departing from Auckland International Airport to undertake?

New Zealand's national airline is undertaking a sensitive task of weighing passengers on international flights from Auckland Airport until July 2, 2023. This initiative, called a passenger weight survey, aims to accurately assess the aircraft's weight load and distribution. However, recognizing that weight is a personal matter, Air New Zealand assures that it anonymizes all collected data to protect passengers' privacy.