Attorney General Merrick Garland shares findings from the DOJ report on the MPD

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The Justice Department released a scathing report from its investigation into the Minneapolis Police Department (M.P.D.). According to the investigation, how did the M.P.D.’s reporting of race and gender data change after George Floyd's murder?

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Workers for this company—the largest courier company in the world—voted to strike if no labor agreement is reached by their July 31st deadline. If a strike occurs, the 340,000-member walkout would be the biggest work stoppage in the U.S. since 1959.

The Teamsters Union represents 340,000 UPS workers, and 97% of members voted to strike if no agreement is reached. Workers are seeking higher pay, the guarantee that newer workers are paid the same as older ones for the same job, the removal of surveillance cameras from delivery trucks, and more full-time jobs. About 1 in 4 packages in the US are shipped with UPS.

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Called “the worst tragedy ever” in the Mediterranean Sea, a migrant boat sank just off the coast of Pylos in this country, killing over 70 people and leaving over 500 more missing.

The boat was traveling from Libya to Italy, and sunk off the southwest coast of Greece. Greek officials have been criticized for the disaster, but have denied claims that the boat sank when the Greek coast guard tried to tow it to shore.

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These two energy sources collectively generated more power than coal in the first 5 months of 2023, the first time that renewables have outpaced coal in U.S. history.

Wind and solar combined generated more electricity than coal through May. This milestone was caused by multiple factors, primarily a shift away from coal due to lower natural gas prices, a mild winter, and coal plant closures. Coal generated nearly half of the U.S.’s energy in 2008 and has been declining since.

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Following pressure from the White House, these companies have announced they’re eliminating “junk fees” during their checkout process, which previously could add more than 30% to the order cost.

Live Nation (which owns Ticketmaster) and other event ticket companies announced that they would begin showing the entire price of tickets upfront, starting in September.