Jim Obergefell, plaintiff in Obergefell v Hodges

AP Photo / Eric Gay

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Today, LGBTQ Pride Month is culminating with parades across the country. Why is Pride Month celebrated in June?

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The CDC has recently gathered data about gun violence in the U.S. There was a 64% increase in gun sales during Covid lockdowns in 2020, with over a third being first-time owners. Which of the following is true about gun purchases during this time?

New buyers were different from the historically white male demographic—half were women and half were people of color. Self-defense is the top reason Americans buy handguns. Buyers were more fearful of uncertainty, more likely to see the world as dangerous, and more likely to be essential workers.

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This mammal has recently been displaying mysteriously aggressive behavior with ships in the Iberian peninsula, ramming them repeatedly, sometimes even to the point of sinking.

There have been 20 incidents in the last month of orca whales mysteriously ramming boats off the coast of Spain and Portugal. Three boats have sunk. It’s unclear what’s causing this behavior, but 13 out of the 15 identified orcas are young, so one hypothesis is that the behavior is supposed to be playful.

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Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg issued a warning about potential flight delays this summer due to a nationwide technical change. What is the potential cause of the delays?

Wireless companies in the U.S. are boosting their 5G services in July, and airlines have been given a July 1 deadline to retrofit their planes to avoid interference. Safety officials believe 5G signals can confuse the devices that measure a plane’s distance from the ground, which are used during the landing process. If a plane hasn’t been updated, it won’t be cleared to land in low visibility conditions.

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This billionaire pop star stepped down from her role as CEO of Savage x Fenty, one of her major retail brands.

Rihanna has appointed Hillary Super, former CEO of Anthropologie, to take the reins of Savage x Fenty, the pop star’s lingerie brand. Rihanna, who is expecting her second baby, will become Executive Chairman of the brand and remain CEO of Fenty Beauty, her cosmetics company.