Big tobacco companies

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Following a lawsuit that found major tobacco companies guilty of lying about the dangers of cigarettes, what action are they required to take starting this month?

Magic mushrooms

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What country became the first to legalize the medical use of psychedelics for mental health conditions?

Starting this month, psychiatrists in Australia can prescribe MDMA for PTSD and psilocybin for severe depression. Despite this groundbreaking move, some medical experts express concerns about the lack of evidence supporting the substances' effectiveness and their potential risks.

School bus for a Hasidic yeshiva

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Following an 8-year investigation, what about the curriculum at numerous Hasidic Jewish schools In New York City was found to be in violation of the law?

18 private Hasidic Jewish schools, or yeshivas, in NYC were found not to be providing an adequate secular education. Yeshivas receive hundreds of millions of dollars in public funding annually but have long resisted external oversight. The investigation found that the schools focused heavily on religious education in Yiddish, with little emphasis on English, math, or other secular subjects.

New Brunswick premier Blaine Higgs

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What significant changes regarding LGBT students were made in Canadian province New Brunswick, leading to political turmoil and criticism from Prime Minister Justin Trudeau?

The changes were put into practice by the Premier of New Brunswick, Blaine Higgs, and are effective this month. If students can’t get parental permission, they will be sent to a social worker or a psychologist to put together a plan on how to approach their parents. The policy change has been highly criticized, leading to protests, resignations, and political upheaval.

Grimace shake on TikTok

McDonald's, TikTok

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The Grimace Shake, a purple milkshake from this brand, sparked a viral TikTok trend where people pretend to die or become zombies after drinking it.

The gruesome trend, which was started by someone not affiliated with McDonald’s, typically involves someone reviewing the shake positively, then pretending to die or become zombified because of the drink’s unnatural purple color. The videos have garnered over 750 million views worldwide.