Crawford Lake in Ontario, Canada

Cole Burston / The Canadian Press

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A geologic epoch represents a time period with distinct changes in Earth’s surface, climate, and life. Why was Crawford Lake in Ontario chosen to represent the next geologic epoch known as the Anthropocene?

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What actions did the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), accuse Bank of America of, leading to a $150 million fine?

The CFPB is in charge of protecting consumers in the financial marketplaces. Its accusations against Bank of America include opening accounts without customer knowledge, charging excessive fees, and withholding promised credit card rewards. The bank was ordered to pay penalties to the CFPB and the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, as well as compensate affected customers.

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Gal Luft, a man promoted by House Republicans as having evidence of corruption by the Biden family, was indicted on several charges involving international adversaries. Which of the following was one of the charges?

Gal Luft, co-director of a Maryland research group, was indicted by federal prosecutors for arms trafficking, sanctions violations, and acting as an unregistered agent for China. He's accused of facilitating arms deals between Chinese companies, Iran, and Middle Eastern countries. He's also alleged to have brokered sales of Iranian oil and used his position to exert political influence for China.

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Long-shot Republican presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy announced a unique approach to political fundraising, called "Vivek's Kitchen Cabinet." What is the key feature of his plan, which has been jokingly compared to a multilevel marketing campaign?

With “Vivek’s Kitchen Cabinet,” fundraisers get a 10% cut of the money they raise for Ramaswamy. Participants get a personal link and are paid as independent contractors. This method is legal and vetted by the Federal Election Commission, despite potential issues like supporters pressuring others to donate. He was inspired after meeting with professional fundraisers who charge 20%.

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The "girl dinner" trend has grown to over 30 million views on TikTok, due to the aesthetics and convenience of the meals shown. What distinguishes the meals?

The "girl dinner" trend, which is not exclusive to women, began with a video by Olivia Maher, who showcased her snack plate as an alternative to a traditional meal. Some have voiced concerns about links to disordered eating, while proponents argue that it's about finding joy in snacks and avoiding the cooking and cleaning associated with regular meals.