President Trump at a conference

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Special prosecutor Jack Smith has filed a new indictment against Donald Trump, accusing him of doing something after finding out that he was being investigated. What is he accused of?

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Tomoko Akane, a judge of the International Criminal Court (ICC), performed a legal maneuver that made her a wanted criminal in Russia. What did she do?

The ICC has 123 member countries that Vladimir Putin will be arrested in if he enters. Their arrest warrant is over Putin's alleged illegal deportation of thousands of children from Ukraine. This is the second ICC judge to be placed on Russia’s wanted list, but the list does not specify what she is accused of.

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An ancient creature was recently brought back to life after 46,000 years in Siberian permafrost. Scientists are excited it could reveal the secrets of cryptobiosis, a process organisms use to stay dormant. What type of creature was it?

Cryptobiosis is a state of suspended animation where an organism's metabolic activities virtually stop, allowing it to survive extreme conditions. Nematodes, or roundworms, were found in Siberian permafrost and revived after 46,000 years, setting a record for animals. This discovery could help understand cryptobiosis better and potentially make humans more resilient to extreme conditions.

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The CDC is reporting that a half-million Americans may be living with alpha-gal syndrome, a meat allergy. What creature, most commonly found in southern states, is the primary culprit?

Alpha-gal syndrome is a meat allergy linked to tick bites, specifically from the Lone Star Tick. This condition is significantly underdiagnosed due to a lack of knowledge among healthcare providers. Symptoms can include hives, nausea, diarrhea, and anaphylactic shock. There is currently no cure or treatment for this syndrome.

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During an airborne survey, a forgotten Mayan city that archaeologists have named Ocomtun, was unearthed in the jungles of Mexico. What technology, capable of penetrating dense vegetation, led to this discovery?

LiDAR laser mapping technology uses pulsed lasers to measure ranges (distances) to the Earth. These light pulses—combined with data recorded by the airborne system—have generated precise, three-dimensional information about Ocomtun. It has been increasingly used in archaeology because of its ability to penetrate dense vegetation and provide detailed maps of hidden structures.