Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis

Kenny Holston / New York Times

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Which legal strategy is the Fulton County District Attorney's office employing in their indictment against Trump and his allies in Georgia?

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Following the collapse of Hunter Biden’s plea deal, what potential conflict of interest caused his longtime defense lawyer, Christopher Clark, to withdraw from representation?

Christopher Clark, Hunter Biden's attorney, withdrew from the case because he could potentially serve as a key witness in future legal proceedings. Clark was involved in negotiating and drafting the plea agreement, which was later contested. A lawyer cannot act as an advocate in a trial where they are likely to be a witness.

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A Wall Street Journal review found that the U.S. has seen an 11% increase homelessness this year, a record since tracking began in 2007. What are considered to be the primary causes?

The rise is thought to be primarily driven by high home prices and the end of pandemic-era relief spending and policies such as eviction moratoriums. The lack of affordable rental units and the ongoing opioid crisis also contribute. Some areas, such as New York City, have said the rise was also caused by the recent influx of migrants.

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"Listening seats" are a new type of ticket introduced by Ticketmaster for Beyoncé's Renaissance World Tour. What are they?

“Listening seats” generally don’t have a view of the stage, but you can see the screen. The prices can vary, with some sold for as low as $50 and others over $200.

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The Redwoods Rising project is working to restore and promote growth of redwood forests. What strategies are they using to mimic the traits of a young and healthy forest?

The Redwoods Rising project’s approach involves thinning the forests to reduce the number of trees per acre, which promotes the growth of larger, more robust trees. Additionally, the project plans to conduct controlled fires to reduce the risk of uncontrolled wildfires.