Google headquarters in Mountain View, California


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Today, the Justice Department begins U.S. v. Google, considered the biggest tech antitrust trial in a generation. For what “exclusionary” behavior is Google being sued?

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In the wake of rising violence, what decision by New Mexico Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham drew criticism from both political parties for violating a constitutional right?

Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham's decision to temporarily suspend the right to carry open or concealed firearms in public was an attempt to curb gun violence and illegal drug use in Albuquerque and Bernalillo County. This decision sparked backlash from both Democrats and Republicans, with opponents arguing it violated constitutional rights.

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What led to massive destruction in the east coastal towns of Libya, causing the feared loss of approximately 2,000 lives?

Mediterranean storm Daniel brought about devastating floods in Libya that led to the collapse of dams, destruction of entire neighborhoods, and extensive damage to homes in multiple coastal towns. The destruction was particularly severe in Derna, a city that has suffered from inadequate infrastructure due to years of chaos and division in the country.

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Mark Dickey, an experienced American caver, was rescued from a cave in Turkey after more than ten days, with his rescuers carrying him up more 3000 feet on a stretcher. Why did he need to be saved?

Dickey fell seriously ill while on an expedition to map the Morca cave, Turkey's third deepest, and was unable to climb out due to his weakened condition. The cause of Dickey's illness was unclear. Rescue teams, including doctors, paramedics, and experienced cavers from various countries, had to navigate challenging terrain to reach him and bring him to safety.

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After a weeklong standoff, Charter and this entertainment company, which owns channels like FX and ESPN, reached an agreement allowing Charter to continue carrying this company’s channels and programming.

Disney and Charter were locked in a conflict over the terms of their distribution agreement, with Disney's shows being pulled off Charter's cable service before Labor Day. Charter wanted to offer Disney's streaming services for free to its subscribers, but Disney was against this. The agreement allows Disney's streaming services to be provided to Charter's TV subscribers at a discounted rate.