Climate protesters in New York City

Sarah Blesener for The New York Times

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Yesterday, what key message did thousands of protesters in New York and around the world aim to send to the United Nations during "Climate Week"?

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Garnering more support in the Texas Senate than he did in the House, what was the final outcome of the impeachment trial against Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, who faced allegations of corruption and accepting bribes?

Despite allegations of corruption and accepting bribes, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton was acquitted on 16 impeachment articles by the Texas Senate. The Republican-controlled Texas House of Representatives impeached Paxton in May. While some members of his party in the Senate voted for conviction, the majority supported him.

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During his recent NBC ‘Meet the Press’ interview, on which controversial topic did former President Donald Trump claim members of his party “speak very inarticulately,” and specifically criticized Ron DeSantis’ policies in Florida?

In the interview, Trump criticized those in his party who advocate for abortion bans without exceptions. He suggested the need for a suitable gestational limit and portrayed himself as a mediator. When asked whether DeSantis’ six-week abortion ban in Florida went too far, Trump called it “a terrible thing.”

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Which new addition did the NFL team Washington Commanders introduce to their stadium, reflecting its growing acceptance and profitability in the league?

The Washington Commanders' stadium has introduced the first in-stadium sports book in the NFL. The sports book, run by the betting arm of Fanatics, operates only during Commanders games and is open only to ticket holders. Despite not allowing teams to receive a direct percentage from bets, the fees paid by betting operators are counted towards league revenue shared with players.

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In an attempt to avoid a government shutdown, House Republicans have negotiated a stopgap funding bill that will move on to the Senate. What key features does this bill include?

The stopgap funding bill negotiated by House Republicans includes a 1% cut in federal spending for all agencies, excluding the Departments of Defense and Veterans Affairs. Additionally, the bill proposes to restore parts of the Trump-era border policy. It's worth noting that the bill is facing opposition from some conservatives who believe the spending cuts aren't sufficient and from House Democrats, who gave it zero votes.