The entrance to Trump Tower in Manhattan

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What ruling did a judge make regarding former President Trump's financial practices, ordering that some of his business licenses in New York be rescinded?

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What accusation did the Federal Trade Commission and 17 states level against Amazon in a lawsuit filed yesterday?

The lawsuit alleges that Amazon has been engaging in monopolistic practices by squeezing merchants and favoring its own services, causing higher prices and a worse consumer shopping experience. This lawsuit puts Amazon's power and influence as a $1.3 trillion company under scrutiny.

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Following Volodymyr Zelensky's address to the Canadian Parliament last week, why was the speaker of the House of Commons compelled to resign?

Anthony Rota introduced Yaroslav Hunka, a constituent of Rota's and a former member of a Nazi SS unit, as a "hero" during a parliamentary session. This sparked outrage among Jewish groups, leading to calls for Rota's resignation. Rota apologized for his actions, stating he had learned more about Hunka's past after the introduction.

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Yesterday, Gavin Newsom signed two laws increasing taxes on guns and ammunition in California. What will the additional money be used for?

The tax increase on guns and ammunition in California is primarily aimed at enhancing security in public schools and funding violence prevention programs. Although the move is seen as a investment in preventing gun violence and reducing associated costs, it has drawn criticism from groups like the California Rifle and Pistol Association, who view the laws as unconstitutional.

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Which event led to the Kansas City Chiefs’ game being the NFL's most watched, and a 400% increase in jersey sales for Chiefs player Travis Kelce?

Taylor Swift's attendance at a Chiefs game significantly boosted Travis Kelce's jersey sales. The two have been rumored to be dating, which was furthered by Swift sitting next to Kelce's mom in a suite. The NFL has fully embraced these rumors, changing their bio on X (formerly known as Twitter) to "NFL (Taylor's Version)."