Benny Gantz and Benjamin Netanyahu

Tal Shahar/Getty Images

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Which unprecedented political move did Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his rival Benny Gantz make in response to the escalating conflict with Hamas?

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What is a consequence of the recent Israeli blockade on Gaza, causing a severe shortage of essential resources for Palestinians?

The "total siege" strategy by Israel has led to a complete energy blackout in the Gaza Strip. This is due to the cut in electricity supply and blocking of essential supplies like fuel. As a result, essential services, including hospitals, are running on backup generators, with only a day of fuel left, according to the Palestinian Health Minister.

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Following the removal of former Speaker Kevin McCarthy, which Republican representative was nominated by his party to potentially take the lead in the House?

Steve Scalise won the nomination to potentially become the new Speaker of the House in a closed-door party meeting with a vote of 113 to 99, defeating Representative Jim Jordan of Ohio. His nomination now moves to the House floor for a majority vote.

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According to Claudia Goldin, the 2023 Nobel Prize winner in economics, what is one of the main reasons for the persistence of gender gaps in work despite the significant advancements women have made in education and workforce participation?

Despite women's advancements in education and workforce participation, they still lag behind men in pay and representation in top professions. Goldin argues this is not due to any fault of women, but rather the structure of work itself that disproportionately reward long hours. She suggests that giving employees more control over their work schedules could help diminish these gaps.

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Despite mounting environmental concerns, which strategic move did Exxon Mobil announce yesterday, which seems to be a gamble against significant shifts in U.S. energy policy?

Exxon Mobil has acquired Pioneer Natural Resources for $60 billion, a major shale producer, to strengthen its position in the Permian basin. The acquisition is Exxon's largest since 1999, and concentrates its oil production close to its Houston base.