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Jordan Gate for The New York Times

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What were the results of the Kentucky and Mississippi governor races?

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What were the results of the Ohio measures to establish a constitutional right to abortion and legalize recreational marijuana use?

Ohio enshrined a right to abortion in its state Constitution. The state legislature could still ban abortion after the point when a fetus can survive outside of the uterus. The sale of marijuana was authorized and its possession and use became legal for people 21 and older.

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What stance has Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu taken regarding the future of Gaza's security following the war with Hamas, raising concerns from the Biden administration?

Senior Israeli government officials have indicated that they intend to maintain military control over Gaza indefinitely. This is the first time such a stance has been taken since the conflict began on October 7. The Biden administration opposes a reoccupation of the enclave.

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Which congenital condition, preventable with timely testing and treatment, has increased tenfold among newborns in the United States in the past decade?

Numerous factors have contributed to this alarming increase, including a lack of prenatal care, late or no testing for syphilis during pregnancy, and inadequate treatment for those who tested positive. Public health departments have also been understaffed and underfunded, leading to a breakdown in the system for testing and treating pregnant women.

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Arturo Béjar, a former engineering director at Facebook, testified before Congress and highlighted a "critical gap" in the company's approach to dealing with what negative experiences on its platforms?

Arturo Béjar emphasized the need for Meta (formerly Facebook) to address issues of online harassment, unwanted sexual advances, and other negative experiences on its platforms. Despite his efforts to combat cyberbullying during his tenure, Béjar's own daughter experienced such issues on Instagram.