Rosalynn Carter

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Which former First Lady, known for her advocacy for mental health and her work with Habitat for Humanity, passed away recently at the age of 96?

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The board of this company, the creator of ChatGPT, abruptly fired CEO Sam Altman on Friday.

Sam Altman, co-founder of OpenAI, was unexpectedly dismissed by the board on Friday. Investors quickly began the process of trying to bring him back as CEO. Altman is considering this, but wants a new board and governance structure.

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Which South American country, which is currently in a severe economic crisis, recently elected radical libertarian Javier Milei as its president, marking a significant shift to the right in its political landscape?

Javier Milei, known for controversial statements and admiration for Donald Trump, campaigned on slashing public spending, dollarizing the economy, and reducing governmental structure. His victory comes amid Argentina's worst economic crisis in two decades. He will lack a majority in Congress.

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In response to Israel’s military efforts in Gaza, which group from Yemen has hijacked the Israeli-linked cargo ship, 'Galaxy Leader', and is holding over twenty crew members hostage?

The rebels claim this action is in response to Israel's ongoing campaign against Hamas rulers in Gaza. The ship is linked to an Israeli billionaire and flagged in the Bahamas. The crew members, of various nationalities, are currently held captive by the rebels. The Houthi rebels have stated they will continue to target ships linked to Israelis until Israel's campaign against Hamas ends.

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With a night of unexpected chaos and technical issues ending with a major delay, which sporting event recently took a hard turn in Las Vegas this past weekend?

The first practice session of the Las Vegas Grand Prix was red-flagged and eventually canceled due to a loose water valve cover damaging a car. This resulted in fans being asked to leave the circuit at 2am after waiting nearly six hours.