Rudy Giuliani


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Following a defamation lawsuit, a jury said that Rudy Giuliani must pay $148 million to two women he falsely accused of what in the 2020 presidential election?

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What substance, often used as an anesthetic, was identified as a primary cause of Matthew Perry's death?

Matthew Perry died from the acute effects of the anesthetic ketamine and drowning in his pool. Perry was undergoing ketamine infusion therapy, an experimental treatment for depression and anxiety. The levels of ketamine found in Perry's body were in the range used for general anesthesia during surgery.

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What recent action by the Israeli military has again sparked calls for a pause in fighting and further exchanges of hostages?

The Israeli military admitted that they mistakenly killed three unarmed hostages who were showing signs of non-aggression. The hostages were shirtless and carrying a makeshift white flags. The Israeli military's actions are being criticized as a violation of their own rules of engagement.

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The chief strategist of Never Back Down, the super PAC supporting this Republican candidate, resigned over the weekend.

Never Back Down, supports Florida Governor Ron DeSantis' presidential bid. Jeff Roe, a veteran Republican operative, resigned as the chief strategist amid a wave of high-profile departures and internal turmoil. This comes at a crucial time, with the Iowa caucuses approaching, where DeSantis is currently trailing Trump.

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Which unexpected event occurred during President Biden's departure from his campaign headquarters in Wilmington, Delaware?

The incident occurred when a car unintentionally crashed into an SUV that was part of Biden's motorcade. The crash was not intentional, according to the Secret Service. The impacted SUV was not the one carrying the President, and President Biden was unharmed.