Jim Harbaugh holds the CFP national championship trophy

AP Photo/ Eric Gay

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Which team won the college football national championship?

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Which practice did Pope Francis compare to child trafficking, and called for a global ban?

Pope Francis has equated surrogacy with child trafficking, calling it a violation of the dignity of women and children. Pro-surrogacy groups argue that the Pope's comments could have political implications, particularly in Italy, where the far-right Prime Minister is seeking to expand an existing ban.

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What was the demand of the protesters who interrupted President Biden's campaign speech in Charleston, S.C.?

The interruption was part of wider criticism against President Biden's support for Israel, particularly among young voters and people of color. The protesters were eventually silenced by chants of 'Four more years!' from other attendees. Biden acknowledged the protesters' demand, stating he was working with the Israeli government to address the situation in Gaza.

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Who was recently removed from his position amid allegations of sexual assault, after facing pressure from prominent party members such as Governor Ron DeSantis and Senator Rick Scott?

Christian Ziegler, the ousted chairman, was under investigation by the police in Sarasota for sexual assault. Despite the allegations, Ziegler denies any wrongdoing and maintains that the encounter was consensual. He was replaced by Evan Power, the head of the Leon County Republican Party.

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Which cabinet member was admitted to intensive care, sparking concerns about transparency due to the delay in notifying key leaders like President Biden and the National Security Council?

The Pentagon has come under scrutiny for the delay in notifying key leaders about Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin's hospitalization. Austin, 70, underwent a medical procedure on December 22, and was later admitted to intensive care due to severe pain.