US military outpost in Jordan

Planet Labs PBC / Associated Press

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What event led to the inability of U.S. air defenses in Jordan to prevent a drone strike that killed three American soldiers?

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Which type of medical equipment has Philips Respironics agreed to stop selling in the United States, following a federal settlement related to a dangerous defect?

This decision comes after Philips Respironics came under fire for allegedly withholding complaints that an industrial foam used in the machines could degrade and release toxic particles into users’ masks.

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Who has been targeted by House Republicans with two articles of impeachment for accusations related to border policies?

The House Republicans have targeted Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas. The Department of Homeland Security has called the impeachment inquiry a "farce" and a distraction from national security priorities. If impeached, Mayorkas would be only the second Cabinet official in American history to be impeached.

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What action led to Charles Littlejohn, a former IRS consultant, receiving a five-year prison sentence for what the judge called "an attack on our constitutional democracy"?

Littlejohn was sentenced to prison for leaking the tax returns of former President Donald Trump and other wealthy individuals to the media. Littlejohn's lawyers argued that he believed the public had a right to know about these tax payments. The New York Times and ProPublica, the outlets to which Littlejohn leaked the information, defended their reporting as a crucial public service.

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In the wake of a significant housing market downturn in China, which colossal property company has been directed to dissolve itself, in a situation drawing parallels to the 2008 Lehman Brothers' bankruptcy?

China Evergrande, a massive property company, was ordered to dismantle itself after its collapse in 2021 sent China's housing market into a downturn. Evergrande's empire is vast, with developments spanning hundreds of cities and controlling dozens of businesses. It is more than $300 billion in debt, surpassing the value of its assets.