Alabama State Supreme Court

Kim Chandler/Associated Press

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What medical procedure has the University of Alabama at Birmingham health system temporarily halted due to potential legal repercussions following a state Supreme Court ruling?

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Who has made history as the first Black woman to reach the top spot on the Billboard country charts with her single 'Texas Hold 'Em'?

Beyoncé's single 'Texas Hold 'Em' not only debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard country airplay chart, but also became a streaming sensation with over 19 million streams. Her other single, '16 Carriages,' also made its mark on the Billboard country chart, debuting at No. 9 with 10.3 million streams.

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Despite the Supreme Court striking down Biden's original student loan forgiveness program, the administration just cancelled another $1.2 billion in debt, bringing the total cancelled to over $130 billion. How?

Despite the Supreme Court rejecting President Biden's plan to cancel billions in student loan debt, he has managed to wipe out $138 billion in debt for about 3.9 million borrowers. This has been achieved by adopting a more gradual approach, that expedites traditionally bureaucratic programs, such as those enrolled in the SAVE plan.

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What type of executive order is the Biden administration considering to manage the influx of migrants at the southern border?

The Biden administration is considering raising the standards for asylum and prioritizing recently arrived migrants for deportation. The policies would include raising the standards in credible fear interviews and implementing a 'last in, first out' deportation policy.

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Which agency is under fire in New York City for allegedly conducting unwarranted, illegal searches of thousands of homes annually?

The New York City Administration for Children's Services is being sued for using coercive tactics to unlawfully search a vast number of homes every year. The agency, which is responsible of investigating reports of child abuse and neglect, allegedly uses threats to gain entry into homes without warrants, causing distress for families.