Student encampment at Columbia University

Bing Guan for The New York Times

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What action did Columbia University take against students who refused to leave a pro-Palestinian encampment by a deadline yesterday?

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Which major entertainment company's chief executive, Bob Bakish, recently stepped down as the company considers a major merger?

Bob Bakish, the chief executive of Paramount, has stepped down effective immediately as the company considers a major merger. Bakish, 60, will be replaced by an 'office of the C.E.O.' run by three executives. Paramount has struggled to get its streaming business off the ground and has been in discussions to merge with Skydance.

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Revealed in her new book, what action did South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem take regarding her unruly dog, drawing criticism from politicians and the public?

Governor Kristi Noem has faced backlash for killing her dog after it exhibited aggressive behavior. While Noem defended her actions as willingness to make tough decisions, critics argue that there were many better options.

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How did Donald Trump describe Robert F. Kennedy Jr. in regards to the upcoming election?

Former President Trump criticized Robert F. Kennedy Jr. as a 'wasted protest vote' in the upcoming election, accusing him of being strategically placed to help President Joe Biden's reelection campaign.

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Which WNBA star recently announced her retirement after a successful 16-season career, including winning championships with three different teams?

Candace Parker, a three-time WNBA champion and two-time Olympic gold medalist, announced her retirement. Parker played 13 seasons with the Los Angeles Sparks, where she won her first WNBA title in 2016. She won her second title with the Chicago Sky, and a third with the Las Vegas Aces last season.