UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak

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Despite trailing in the polls, what strategic move did UK PM Rishi Sunak make in an attempt to extend his party's 14-year rule?

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Although mostly symbolic, what diplomatic action did Spain, Norway, and Ireland take that further isolated Israel geopolitically?

Spain, Norway, and Ireland announced that they would formally recognize a Palestinian state. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu criticized the decision, while Palestinian leaders and supporters of a two-state solution welcomed it.

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Which former governor declared their intention to vote for Donald Trump despite being uncommitted during the primaries?

During a recent Q&A session, Nikki Haley expressed her intention to vote for Trump and criticized Biden's foreign policy decisions.

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In its first quarter earnings report yesterday, which company saw a 262% year-over-year revenue increase and announced a ten-for-one forward stock split?

NVIDIA reported impressive financial results for the first quarter, including a significant revenue increase, a forward stock split, and a boost in quarterly cash dividend.

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Which nation did the Pentagon accuse of launching a likely counter space weapon, heightening global tensions over space armament?

The Pentagon accused Russia of launching a spacecraft that is likely a counter space weapon. Russia has been resistant to agreements on posting weaponry in space and accused of trying to listen in on satellites from other countries.