Hostages rescued by the IDF

Mario Djurica/Reuters

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What did the Israel Defense Forces accomplish in their recent operation in the Nuseirat refugee camp in central Gaza?

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The FDA is expected to propose a new rule that would require this information to be displayed on the front of prepackaged foods.

The FDA's proposal aims to help consumers quickly assess the healthiness of foods, making it easier to compare products and make healthier choices. Many other countries have already implemented similar front-of-package labeling systems.

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Lithium is a critical component for electric cars, solar energy batteries, and more. Which unexpected source has the potential to meet nearly half of the U.S. lithium needs, creating a dilemma for green energy advocates?

The discovery of lithium in fracking wastewater could significantly boost U.S. lithium supplies. However, it presents a conflict for green energy advocates who oppose fracking due to its environmental impact but support lithium for electric vehicle batteries.

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Who gifted Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas two trips this past year, valued at $19,000 and $42,000?

Supreme Court justices are required to disclose financial gifts, which can raise questions about impartiality. Critics argue such gifts may influence judicial decisions, while supporters claim they do not affect the justices' rulings.

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Which Supreme Court justice disclosed gifts including high-value Beyoncé concert tickets and significant book royalties?

Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson disclosed receiving Beyoncé tickets valued at over $3,700. Financial disclosures provide transparency regarding the justices' earnings and potential conflicts of interest. Other justices also reported book royalties and travel gifts.