A demonstrator holding a sign outside of the Supreme Court

Eric Lee/The New York Times

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In United States v. Rahimi, the Supreme Court reaffirmed a federal law that bars individuals under this type of order from possessing guns.

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Why did Robert Winnett decide not to become the editor of The Washington Post?

Concerns about unethical practices in Britain stem from past controversies involving invasive and dubious methods of news gathering, which raised questions about Winnett's suitability for the role. The Washington Post will now search for a new editor.

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Why is Steve Bannon petitioning the Supreme Court in relation to his contempt of Congress conviction?

Bannon's lawyers claim that he should remain free on bail because he is not a flight risk and does not pose a danger to the community. Bannon has been out on bail for several years without incident.

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Despite the Biden administration's denial, what has Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu claimed about U.S. support for Israel's war effort in Gaza?

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has claimed that the United States is withholding weapons deliveries despite the Biden administration's denial. The U.S. has paused the shipment of certain weapons due to concerns about civilian casualties in Gaza.

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Which U.S. representative spoke at a rally in Las Vegas to advocate for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris as defenders of abortion rights?

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez emphasized the importance of protecting American democracy and criticized the conservative Supreme Court at the rally. The event drew hundreds of attendees, highlighting the significance of reproductive rights in the upcoming election.