Documents seized at former President Trump’s home.

Department of Justice

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Attorneys for Donald Trump have been unable to find a classified Pentagon document that the former president kept when he left office. What is the missing document about?

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Yesterday, at least 200 people died and over 900 more were injured after a devastating train crash in Odisha, a state on the eastern coast of this country.

In India’s worst train crash this century, two passenger trains in the Balasore district of Odisha collided and derailed.

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This company, maker of voice assistant Alexa and the doorbell camera Ring, will pay over $30 million to settle FTC allegations that they illegally retained voice data and transcriptions from their devices’ interactions with children.

It’s Amazon. The FTC alleges that Amazon violated the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA). According to the complaint, more than 800,000 children have their own Amazon Alexa accounts.

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The duration of this graduate school admissions exam—whose verbal, quantitative, and writing sections have a max total score of 340—will be reduced from four hours to less than two starting in September.

The changes to the GRE reflect an increasing number of graduate programs who have made the exam optional for admission. This trend, dubbed “GRExit,” mirrors the declining use of the SAT and ACT by undergraduate programs.

Image of the surface of Mars

ESA/Getty Images

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The European Space Agency yesterday shared the first "livestream" of the planet shown above, which was created by stitching together photos beamed down from an orbiting camera.

It’s Mars.. It takes between 3 and 22 minutes for light to travel from Mars to Earth, so the stream was not truly “live”, but the European Space Agency offered something close. It marks the 20th anniversary of the Mars Express, a mission launched in 2003 to better understand the Red Planet.