Joni Ernst in Iowa

Francesca Block/The Register

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Eight 2024 Republican presidential candidates gathered in Des Moines yesterday to participate in this spirited event.

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This weekend, a sequel to a blockbuster hit swung to the largest opening day at the box office this year. What movie was it?

Spider-Man set a new record with its $51.75 million opening day, surpassing expectations and projected to debut with $113 million.

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In Pierce County, Washington, a woman was forced into custody for refusing treatment for what potentially fatal infectious lung disease?

The woman, identified as V.N., was taken into custody for refusing treatment for tuberculosis, a bacterial infection that can spread easily through the air and be fatal without treatment.

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Churchill Downs has ceased racing after 12 horses have died in recent weeks. What famous race, nicknamed “The Run for the Roses”, takes place at that track?

Churchill Downs, known for hosting the Kentucky Derby, is temporarily relocating races due to the unexplained deaths of 12 thoroughbreds at the track in recent weeks.

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The Stanley Cup Finals kicked off Saturday night between the "Entertainment Capital of the World" and the "Sunshine State". Which two teams are competing?

There will be a first-time Stanley Cup champion. Vegas will be making its first trip to the Stanley Cup Final since 2018, its first season in the NHL, while Florida returns for the first time since 1996.