Haze and smoke over New York City

Reuters/Shannon Stapleton

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The northeastern U.S. is experiencing some of the worst air quality on record, as smoke from Canadian wildfires is forced south. Which of the following contributed to the significantly worse fire season this year?

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Chris Licht, former CEO and Chairman at CNN, stepped down after a series of challenges. What was driving this decision?

Chris Licht, CNN's CEO, has been dismissed following a controversial tenure marked by low ratings, layoffs, and plummeting employee morale, culminating in a critical profile in The Atlantic. Critics argue Licht's approach of false balance in coverage damaged the network's reputation, highlighting the importance of objective reporting over pandering to all sides.

Lionel Messi

Marcelo Endelli/Getty Images South America

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In a surprising move, Lionel Messi announced he will be leaving Paris St. Germain to join this David Beckham-owned MLS team across the Atlantic.

Lionel Messi joined David Beckham's Major League Soccer (MLS) team, Inter Miami. This signifies a considerable coup for the MLS, attracting one of the greatest players of all time.

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The ACLU has filed a preliminary injunction to block a new Florida law, SB 364, on the grounds that it is discriminatory, could financially harm immigrants, and violates the Fair Housing Act. What does the law do?

Chinese citizens and other critics are challenging a new Florida law that prevents them from owning land in the state, claiming it could create 'Chinese exclusion zones'. The law, set to take effect on July 1, particularly affects those wishing to purchase agricultural land or property near military installations or critical infrastructure.

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Livestreaming service Twitch recently apologized after facing backlash over a new advertising rule. Despite claiming not to limit streamers' relationships with sponsors, what does the rule actually stipulate?

Twitch recently updated its Branded Content Policy guidelines to restrict 'burned in' sponsor ads on streams, causing significant uproar among content creators who rely on these ads for revenue. While Twitch has apologized for the overly broad policy, stating there was no intent to limit streamers’ ability to work directly with sponsors, many creators remain dissatisfied and are considering boycotting the platform or moving to other services.