Hunter Biden

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Hunter Biden reached an agreement with the Justice Department to plead guilty to two misdemeanor tax charges, while avoiding prosecution for felony gun possession. What are the conditions of the deal?

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This critical passageway, which opened in 1914 and connects the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, is experiencing its driest conditions in over a century, forcing travel restrictions on cargo ships and causing concerns about supply chain bottlenecks.

The Panama Canal relies on rainfall to let cargo ships through, with more than 50 million gallons of water lost to sea with every ship. That water is replenished from a reservoir, and that reservoir is replenished through rainfall. Rainfall in Panama this year is 47% lower than its historical average, forcing weight restrictions on ships.

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Following its recommendation for depression screening in 2016, the US Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF), whose recommendations guide physician decision-making and insurance reimbursement, recommended screening for this condition in adults for the first time.

For the first time, the USPSTF recommended screening for anxiety in asymptomatic adults ages 19-64. USPSTF recommendations affect what conditions physicians screen patients for, and what tests insurance companies reimburse. This change means diagnosis and treatment of anxiety in adults is likely to increase. The USPSTF recommended anxiety screenings for people ages 8 to 18 last October.

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This 2024 Democratic candidate has been gaining momentum recently, with the highest favorability rating of any candidate in some polls. His rise has been propelled by his celebrated lineage, guest appearances on prominent podcasts, and anti-vaccine views.

In a survey released by The Economist and YouGov, RFK Jr. had the highest favorability rating of any 2024 candidate—his 49% beat both Biden and Trump. His appearances on popular podcasts like Joe Rogan and Jordan Peterson have caused some to call him the “first podcast presidential candidate.” Clips from his Jordan Peterson interview have been removed from YouTube due to health misinformation.

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After supply shortages caused egg prices to soar in January, they’re now falling at their steepest rate since 1951. What caused the price drop?

Skyrocketing egg prices were due to an Avian flu epidemic, which has killed about 59 million birds in the U.S. since February 2022. But the disease has slowed and flocks are being rebuilt, leading to the sharpest monthly drop in price in 72 years.