Alexsandr G. Lukashenko with Vladimir Putin

Gavriil Grigorov/Sputnik, via Associated Press

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The president of this country announced he brokered a deal between mercenary leader Yevgeny Prigozhin and the Russian government, ending the armed rebellion that Prigozhin was leading towards Moscow.

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This major topographical change in California’s Central Valley, caused by intense storms this year, has severely damaged farms, homes, and local infrastructure.

Tulare Lake has re-emerged in central California after intense storms this year, its 168 miles flooding farmland, roads, and other infrastructure. The lake has no natural outlet and is expected to remain there for months or years.

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A recent study showed that the survival rate for women diagnosed with this condition has improved by two-thirds since the 1990s, due to improved treatments, increased screenings, and greater awareness.

There has been a huge improvement in the survival rate for breast cancer since the 1990s. Women diagnosed in 1993–99 had a 14.4% risk of dying within 5 years, falling to 4.9% in 2010–15. Improvements in treatment, screenings, and awareness have all played a role.

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Evangelicals have been increasingly traveling to this country, which only opened to leisure travel in 2019, due to a growing online movement claiming that it is the true home of Mount Sinai.

Evangelicals have recently been making pilgrimages to Saudi Arabia. The country opened to leisure tourism in 2019; visits could only be for work or religious reasons before that. Around that time, someone made a popular YouTube video amplifying a belief that Mount Sinai, where Christian scriptures describe God giving the Ten Commandments to Moses, is in Saudi Arabia.

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Major League Baseball has seen a big jump in in-person attendance and TV ratings this year, due to 3 major rule changes. Two of the changes are adding a time limit between pitches and forbidding defensive shifts, what’s the third?

The MLB made significant rule changes to increase the game’s pace and action, and it’s working. Games are 15% shorter and attendance is up 7%.