Biden speaking in the White House

Doug Mills/The New York Times

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In a suit alleging that the Biden administration silences its critics, how did a federal judge restrict the way that entities like the FBI and HHS interact with social media platforms?

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During a routine White House inspection, an emergency evacuation was triggered due to the discovery of a white substance. What was it?

Secret Service agents discovered a suspicious white powder in a common area of the West Wing. The White House was briefly evacuated and the substance was tested, preliminarily indicating the powder was cocaine. The area where the substance was found is accessible to tour groups. The Biden family was away at Camp David.

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As automotive companies produce more batteries to meet the rising popularity of electric vehicles, a scarcity of what lightweight metal is driving carmakers to strike deals directly with mines?

Ford, GM and others are looking to bypass middlemen and strike exclusive deals directly with small lithium mining companies. The trend is drawing comparisons to the early automotive days when Ford set up Brazilian rubber plantations for tire materials.

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What upcoming movie was banned in Vietnam due to a scene featuring a controversial map of China's territorial claims in the South China Sea?

The Barbie movie, starring Margot Robbie, has been banned in Vietnam. It features a scene that shows the "nine-dash line," a designation used in Chinese maps to show its territorial claims in the South China Sea. Vietnam and several other countries contest these claims.

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What is the name of the award that Joey Chestnut won for the 16th time at the Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest yesterday?

Joey Chestnut won his 16th Mustard Belt at Nathan's Famous Fourth of July Hot Dog Eating Contest in Coney Island. He ate 62 hot dogs and buns in 10 minutes, winning the competition for the eighth consecutive time.