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Two states are in dispute over the order of the 2024 Democratic primary elections. One state traditionally holds an early position, while the other was chosen to go first to empower voters of color. What are the two states?

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Yesterday, the FDA approved Leqembi, the first drug to slow the cognitive decline of this condition. Medicare will cover 80% of the cost.

Leqembi has been shown to slow the cognitive decline of early-stage Alzheimer’s but comes with significant safety risks, including rare cases of brain bleeding. It will cost $26,500 and Medicare will cover 80%. This marks the first time in two decades that a drug for Alzheimer’s has received full approval from the FDA.

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Walt Nauta pleaded not guilty to charges that he helped Trump hide classified documents. He was caught on tape moving boxes days before the Justice Department visited Mar-a-Lago. What is his relationship to Trump?

Walt Nauta is the former valet and personal aide for Donald Trump, and pleaded not guilty to charges that he allegedly helped the former president hide classified documents taken from the White House. The Justice Department subpoenaed security camera footage that shows Nauta moving boxes shortly before the Justice Department visited Mar-a-Lago.

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Decades behind schedule, this country is destroying its last chemical weapons this week, the world’s only remaining declared stockpile.

The US arsenal included deadly weapons like nerve-agent filled cluster bombs and artillery shells. Britain, India, and Russia already destroyed their declared stockpiles, marking the first time a category of weapons of mass destruction has been destroyed globally. Concerns remain about undeclared inventory in countries that did not join the Chemical Weapons Convention in 1997.

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A tourist is under investigation after etching “Ivan + Hayley 23/6/23” into a brick on this 2,000-year-old Roman monument.

Ivan Dimitrov of England was filmed by another tourist who posted the viral video online. Dimitrov wrote a letter of apology and said he didn’t realize the monument’s historical significance. He could face up to 5 years in prison and a fine of 15,000 euros.