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According to the Consumer Price Index released yesterday, which of the following was a key reason for the inflation slowdown in June?

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What did a congressional investigation reveal about the privacy practices of multiple large tax-prep companies, including TaxSlayer, H&R Block and TaxAct?

The investigation revealed that tax-prep companies were sharing sensitive financial data with Meta and Google for targeted advertising without proper disclosures. The data included personal information, filing status, adjusted gross income, and tax refunds. Despite claims of data scrambling for privacy, the report argues that anonymized data can still be reverse-engineered to identify individuals.

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A school caretaker in Italy was acquitted of groping a teenager, sparking widespread outrage on social media, with many posts mentioning “palpata breve.” Why was the caretaker acquitted?

The caretaker was acquitted because the judges ruled that the incident, lasting less than 10 seconds, did not constitute a crime. This decision sparked outrage, leading to the social media trend "palpata breve" (brief groping), with people demonstrating how long 10 seconds can feel. The victim, a 17-year-old student, feels betrayed by the justice system, fearing this ruling may discourage other victims from reporting assaults.

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This HBO drama about a powerful media family received 27 Emmy nominations, the most of any series this year.

“Succession" centers around the Roy family, owners of a media empire called Waystar Royco. The show's depiction of a dysfunctional family and its struggles for control within the company are loosely inspired by the family drama of Rupert Murdoch. The Emmys are scheduled for September but are expected to be postponed due to the ongoing writers strike.

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What two rule changes will be implemented in the NBA next season to improve fairness and integrity?

The NBA's board of governors unanimously approved both rule changes. The second coach’s challenge will not return the initial timeout used, even if successful. Flopping will receive a technical foul and result in a free throw for the opposing team. The flopping rule change will be on a one-year trial.