Stanford President Marc Tessier-Lavigne

Carolyn Fong/Redux

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Following a review by an independent panel, why did Marc Tessier-Lavigne, a renowned neuroscientist, resign as president of Stanford University?

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For the first time in four decades, a U.S. soldier has crossed the border into North Korea. How did Pvt. Travis T. King inexplicably end up there?

King spent time in a South Korean jail for assault and was due to return to the U.S. for disciplinary action. At the gate before his flight, he claimed to have lost his passport, left the airport, and joined a group tour of the DMZ. He bolted across the border while other tour guests watched. His motive for crossing the border remains unclear and he is believed to now be detained.

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Following the Supreme Court’s decision to ban race-conscious admissions, Wesleyan University has ended this admissions practice, which tends to favor white applicants.

Legacy admissions give preferential treatment to children of alumni, and tends to favor white, wealthy applicants. Other universities like Johns Hopkins and Carnegie Mellon have also ended it. Wesleyan’s president said legacy played a “negligible role” in admissions, but was a distraction and a symbol of unfairness. However, some schools argue it fosters community and encourages donations.

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In an effort to buy more time for babies waiting for transplants, a biotech company is developing a technique to transplant hearts from this animal, whose heart anatomy is similar to a human’s.

eGenesis is pioneering the use of gene-edited pig hearts for transplantation into human babies with serious heart conditions. The aim is to extend the lives of babies while they wait for a suitable human heart. Pig hearts have two atria, two ventricles, and a similar valve structure as human hearts.

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Dubbed “Treegate,” what suspicious action taken by Universal Studios related to the SAG-AFTRA strike is being investigated by the LA City Controller?

Universal Studios is accused of trimming tree branches outside their studio to create uncomfortable conditions for picketers in the heatwave. The studio denies the claims, stating that it was an annual practice and not intended to remove shade. The LA city controller said that the trees belong to the city, no trimming permits were issued, and their office is investigating.