Wimbledon men’s final winner

Kirsty Wigglesworth/Associated Press

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Wimbledon featured two memorable championships. The women’s champion is from the Czech Republic, and became the first unseeded woman to win. The men’s champion is a 20-year-old from Spain and the top-ranked player in the world. Who were the winners?

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2024 presidential candidates filed campaign finance reports over the weekend. Driven by small-dollar donors, which candidate has the most cash on hand?

Trump has the most cash on hand, due to small-dollar donors and because he launched his campaign before other candidates. DeSantis raised the most money last quarter, but is spending quickly. Biden's campaign remains frugal, spending just $1.1 million and employing four staffers. By contrast, Obama’s campaign had spent more than $11 million on his reelection effort by this time.

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SAG-AFTRA president Fran Drescher is in the spotlight as actors and writers stage their first joint strike in Hollywood since 1960. Prior to his career change, who was SAG-AFTRA president during the last dual strike?

Ronald Reagan was a prominent actor before his political career and served as the president of SAG-AFTRA during the last dual strike in 1960. This strike, like the current one, was driven by issues related to pay and new technologies. SAG-AFTRA currently represents 160,000 members.

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Sparked by a growing international community in south Texas and featuring team names like the Super Kings and Knight Riders, the MLC is the first American professional league for this sport.

Driven by a growing South Asian population, the inaugural Major League Cricket (MLC) season began last Thursday with six teams—Texas Super Kings, Los Angeles Knight Riders, San Francisco Unicorns, Seattle Orcas, Washington Freedom, and MI New York. The first MLC draft was held in March at the Johnson Space Center.

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In the legal dispute over Aretha Franklin's estate, which document, discovered posthumously in an unusual location, was determined to be her official will last week?

Initially, it was believed that Franklin had no will, but two handwritten documents were later discovered at her home. These documents, found in a locked cabinet and under a couch cushion, divided Franklin's children and raised questions about the distribution of her estate. A jury in Michigan ultimately ruled that the document found under the couch cushion was Franklin's official will.