Women’s World Cup celebration

Rafaela Pontes / AP Photo

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The 2023 Women’s World Cup began yesterday, with an opening ceremony that paid respect to the Māori roots of this host country.

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The Florida State Board of Education unanimously approved new standards for how Black history is taught in schools. Which of the following is part of those standards?

Middle school students will be taught about slaves learning some skills for personal benefit, and high school students will have events like the 1920 Ocoee Massacre reframed. The change follows past legislation prohibiting instruction that suggests inherent privilege or oppression based on race, known as the Stop Woke Act.

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Due to environmental pressures and warming oceans, what two species in the Pacific Northwest are at significant risk, with one relying on the other for food?

The king salmon population is at historic lows, which directly affects endangered orca whales. Orcas depend on the salmon for food and an adult orca needs to eat about 325 pounds of fish a day. At Pike Place Market in Seattle, king salmon sells for $50/pound. However, the majority of salmon consumed by humans is farmed Atlantic salmon.

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The NFL approved the $6 billion sale of this team, which has been plagued by scandals including widespread sexual harassment and pressure to change its previous name.

The Washington Commanders (formerly Washington Redskins) were sold for a record $6.05 billion. The previous ownership by Daniel Snyder was marred by allegations of sexual harassment, financial fraud, and attempts to suppress investigations into his misconduct. The team was bought by private equity billionaire Josh Harris, who also owns the Philadelphia 76ers and New Jersey Devils.

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This week, Netflix reported significant subscriber growth in the second quarter—what policy change led to it?

Netflix’s new password-sharing policy, which started in May, limits the number of people outside of a primary account holder’s home who can share the subscription. Despite alienating some customers, this strategy helped the company gain 5.9 million subscribers in Q2, after losing nearly 1 million in the same quarter last year.