Protesters during a rally for Ohio’s special election

AP Photo / Darron Cummings

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A special election triggered by the Republican-controlled state legislature is occurring in Ohio today. With abortion protections on the state ballot in November, what key measure is in today’s election?

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Imran Khan, the ex-Prime Minister of Pakistan, was sentenced to three years in jail for issues involving foreign dignitaries. What was he convicted of?

The former cricketer turned politician was ousted in a no-confidence vote last year after falling out with the military. The gifts he received from foreign dignitaries and allegedly did not declare included watches and jewelry worth over 140 million Pakistani rupees ($635,000). Khan has denied the charges and plans to appeal. He has faced over 100 cases since his removal, which he claims are politically motivated.

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Which prestigious publishing house, started in 1924 by a piano salesman and the editor of a trade magazine, is being acquired by private-equity firm KKR?

Simon & Schuster, which is currently owned by Paramount, is one of the largest publishing houses in the United States. It is known for backing authors like Stephen King and Bob Woodward, and has recently seen a rise in sales. The $1.69 billion acquisition comes after an attempted sale to Penguin Random House last year was blocked for antitrust reasons.

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Which country's "harassment and seizures of merchant vessels" have led to the deployment of over 3,000 U.S. troops to the Red Sea?

The U.S. has deployed troops in response to Iran's actions in the Strait of Hormuz, a critical waterway for international trade. This is part of a broader tension between the two nations, which escalated after the Trump administration withdrew from Iran's 2015 nuclear agreement and reinstated sanctions.

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According to a NYT exposé, this family member of former NY governor Andrew Cuomo was secretly guiding a group of women to smear people who accused him of sexual harassment.

The pro-Cuomo grassroots group, We Decide New York, was made up almost entirely of older women who supported the former governor's handling of the pandemic. They defended him on social media and discredited the accusers. One tweet said “Your life will be dissected like a frog in a HS science class,” and included a photo of Cuomo’s aide dancing at a bar in lingerie.