Residents of Yellowknife


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With raging wildfires about nine miles from Yellowknife, a Canadian capital city, what extraordinary action did officials take to protect its 20,000 residents?

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Recognized as the highest in over two decades, which borrowing measurement recently surpassed the 7 percent mark, impacting the affordability of homes in the US?

The 30-year fixed-rate mortgage has recently surpassed the 7% mark, the highest in over two decades. This has led to an increase in borrowing costs, making it more challenging to afford a home. The situation is further complicated by the low housing supply, as many current homeowners are unwilling to sell and give up their low mortgage rates.

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Which Hawaiian company is currently facing lawsuits for alleged negligence in Maui?

Hawaiian Electric is under scrutiny due to allegations of negligence contributing to devastating wildfires in Maui. Lawsuits claim that the company was negligent in maintaining its equipment, with some suggesting that the utility should have shut off power during high wind and drought conditions to prevent its lines from starting fires. The company's share price has dropped by 68%.

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New York Democrats are facing a rift about how to handle a growing humanitarian crisis in the state. Based on a 12-page letter sent this week, which of the following is core to Governor Kathy Hochul's criticism of Mayor Eric Adams?

The governor alleges a lack of coordination and communication from the mayor's office in managing the influx of migrants, including sending migrants outside of the city without adequate notice. The state also blamed the city for not helping migrants complete work permits, and surfaced disagreements about which state-owned sites should be used for shelter.

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School districts across the country are grappling with disruptions due to severe vacancies of this role, whose services are relied on by roughly half of children.

Shortages have been exacerbated by low pay and inconvenient hours, as the split morning and afternoon shifts make it challenging to pick up another job. Some districts have used software to optimize routes, which caused chaos—kids were put on the wrong bus and their parents struggled to locate them. In Chicago, half of the positions are vacant, and kids are being offered free public transit cards.