Oliver Anthony Music performing his song “Rich Men North of Richmond”

@radiowv, via YouTube

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Oliver Anthony became the first artist ever to debut at No.1 on the Billboard Hot 100 with no prior chart history. Which of the following helped propel his song "Rich Men North of Richmond" to the top?

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Instead of participating in tomorrow’s Republican primary debate, Donald Trump is expected to promote himself in this way, seen as an affront to both the Republican National Committee and Fox News.

A pre-taped interview between Trump and former Fox News host Tucker Carlson is expected to air as counterprogramming tomorrow night. Trump currently has a 23-point lead over his nearest rival, and said that the public already “knows who I am.”

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Auto loan delinquencies are at their highest level since 2006, even though unemployment is low. According to WSJ, what is the primary cause?

The cost of both new and used cars has significantly increased in recent years. Five years ago, there were a dozen models of new cars sold for less than $20,000. Today, there is one. The average American now spends 42 weeks of income to pay off a new car, and the average price of used cars has risen by over 30% from pre-pandemic levels.

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The FDA approved Pfizer's respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) vaccine for administration at 32 to 36 weeks gestation. How does it protect newborns during the first six months of their life?

The vaccine stimulates the production of protective antibodies in the mother, which are transferred to the infant through the placenta before birth. This is the first vaccine that can protect babies from RSV, a virus that can cause severe lower respiratory illness in infants.

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Why did a US federal judge rule that a piece of art created by the AI system DABUS was not eligible for copyright protection?

Under U.S. law, only works with human authors can receive copyrights, according to the District judge, affirming the Copyright Office's rejection of the application filed by computer scientist Stephen Thaler for his DABUS system. Thaler argued that human authorship is not a concrete legal requirement, but the judge maintained that human authorship is a "bedrock requirement of copyright."