Trump arriving in Atlanta

Doug Mills/The New York Times

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The date for Trump’s federal election case is set one day before Super Tuesday, which is when 15 states are scheduled to hold Republican primary elections or caucuses. When is the trial?

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With Tropical Storm Idalia expected to make landfall in Florida tomorrow, citizens are being warned of this widespread Citgo issue that could hinder evacuations.

Florida officials have warned that fuel contamination could occur due to an accidental addition of diesel into gasoline storage tanks supplied by Citgo. This could lead to engine damage or even a car's inability to operate past a few miles, creating a dangerous situation for those trying to evacuate.

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Facing a decline in demand for wine, the French government has taken a resourceful approach to overproduction. How are they using a $215 million fund to support the wine industry?

The French government has allocated $215 million to buy back surplus wine from winemakers. The surplus wine, amounting to about 7% of last year's production, will be distilled into pure alcohol. This alcohol can then be sold at a loss to industries such as hand sanitizer and perfume.

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What controversial method has the Egyptian government taken to modernize Cairo, which includes the historical district of Fustat, drawing criticism from local residents?

The Egyptian government's modernization efforts in Cairo involve the demolition of historic buildings, cultural sites, and green spaces to make way for concrete high-rises and roads. This includes the city's most ancient district, Fustat. The construction projects are overseen by the military, which has faced criticism for disregarding expert advice and local residents' concerns.

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Fittingly launched with the premiere of the movie “Strays,” what new initiative did a British cinema chain start to make movie-going more accommodating for its patrons?

Dogs of all breeds are welcome at a London location of Curzon Cinemas. Separate tickets are not required, but dogs are not allowed on seats, and owners must clean up after their pets. The sound level during these once-a-week screenings is also reduced.