2024 Republican Debate stage

Morry Gash / AP

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Following Wednesday’s GOP debate, which rapidly-ascending candidate—whose approach has been compared to Trump’s—was the most searched on Google, a measure of curiosity from viewers?

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As suggested by early U.S. intelligence, how was Yevgeny Prigozhin, who was labeled as a “traitor” by Vladimir Putin, suspected to be killed?

Prigozhin was a contentious figure in Russia and a potential threat to top defense officials. Early findings suggest a bomb or sabotage led to the crash. Official details on the crash and its causes are still under investigation, but U.S. satellites can detect the heat from missiles and none was detected when the plane went down. UK intelligence said the most probable suspect is Russia's Federal Security Service.

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Which entity started releasing over a million tons of its treated water into the Pacific Ocean after being ravaged by an earthquake and tsunami in 2011?

Starting yesterday, approximately 130,000 gallons of water from the Fukushima nuclear plant were discharged into the sea, and will continue to be for decades. This water has been used to cool the reactors since the 2011 earthquake and tsunami that damaged the plant. The water has undergone radioactive filtration and is stored in over 1,000 tanks on-site.

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Known for its global presence with over 37,000 restaurants, this U.S. sandwich chain is set to be acquired by private equity firm Roark Capital for up to $9.55 billion.

This acquisition concludes a lengthy auction process that began in February. Roark Capital also owns Arby's, Baskin-Robbins, Buffalo Wild Wings, Dunkin', Jimmy John's, and Sonic. Subway is one of the largest restaurant chains, with over 37,000 outlets in more than 100 countries, but has been losing market share to Panera Bread and Firehouse Subs.

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This Los Angeles Angels superstar, whose two-way pitching and hitting talents are considered some of the greatest in baseball, won't be pitching for the rest of the season due to a ligament tear.

Shohei Ohtani suffered a tear in the ulnar collateral ligament of his pitching arm. He will no longer be able to pitch, but he can still hit. He leads the majors with 44 home runs and a .664 slugging percentage. Ohtani is eligible for free agency this off-season, and his future as a two-way player is uncertain.