Rescuers of the stranded cable car


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What multi-step approach did rescuers in Pakistan use to save children trapped for hours in a broken cable car?

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This country, the world’s largest exporter of rice, has caused global prices to rise after banning the export of the non-basmati white variety.

India’s partial export ban was taken to control domestic prices, particularly ahead of an election year. However, this move has resulted in a significant gap in global rice supplies. The price of a 25-kilogram bag of rice has risen by about a fifth since June, going from the equivalent of about $14 to $18.

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Which international group, composed of five powerful emerging economies, is divided about whether to expand membership?

BRICS is an acronym for Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa, five major emerging economies. At the summit in Johannesburg this week, the group has been divided over expanding membership. Brazil does not want BRICS to act as a counterweight to other international groups like the G7. Conversely, China and Russia want to strengthen BRICS in opposition to these groups.

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In an effort to combat dangerous levels of air pollution, what practice, more commonly seen during the pandemic, has the government of Jakarta directed half of its civil servants to do for the next two months?

Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia, is battling extreme air pollution. As a measure to reduce this, the government has instructed half of its civil servants to work from home for two months. This excludes essential public service workers like those in hospitals and fire departments.

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Stemming from decades of sexual abuse scandals, how did the San Francisco Archdiocese deal with the financial burden of over 500 lawsuits against them?

This is third major Bay Area archdiocese to file for bankruptcy this year, the others also cited sexual abuse cases against them as reason for their filing. This follows California AB218, which was passed in 2019 and extended the statute of limitations for survivors of childhood sexual assault.