Mark Thompson, former CEO of the New York Times


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Facing declining ratings and the firing of CEO Chris Licht in June, which media organization appointed Mark Thompson, a former executive at BBC and The New York Times, as its new chair and CEO?

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Described as the “biggest single takedown” of coordinated disinformation, Meta has removed thousands of accounts tied to a campaign from this country, which multiple senior U.S officials have visited in the past three months.

“Spamouflage” utilized thousands of accounts across Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, X (Twitter), Substack, and more to advance China's interests and discredit its adversaries, like the United States. It initially focused on undermining the 2019 pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong, but later shifted its attention to deflecting blame for the Covid-19 outbreak onto the United States.

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What impact has pharmaceutical company Novo Nordisk, which makes obesity drugs Ozempic and Wegovy, had on the Danish economy?

Following the explosive growth of its weight-loss drugs, Novo Nordisk's market value has now exceeded the size of Denmark's economy, making it the second-most valuable public company in Europe. This success has not translated into a significant increase in employment as most of the company’s production takes place overseas.

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Burger King is facing a class-action lawsuit for this alleged discrepancy between marketing images and the actual product.

Burger King is accused of inflating the size of their Whopper sandwiches in promotional materials, with the actual product being 35% smaller. The lawsuit argues that customers were misled into buying the product based on its advertised size. The fast-food chain refutes these allegations, maintaining that reasonable consumers understand that food is styled for advertisements.

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What has a federal judge found Rudy Giuliani legally liable for in relation to two Georgia election workers?

Rudy Giuliani, former personal attorney to President Trump, is legally liable for defaming two Georgia election workers. The judge's ruling comes after Giuliani accused these workers of manipulating ballots during the 2020 election, despite investigations that proved otherwise. The defamation lawsuit will now proceed to trial to determine the amount of damages Giuliani must pay.