Texas impeachment trial

Brian Snyder / Reuters file

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Whose impeachment trial in Texas begins today, on charges of improper influence, abuse of office, and bribery?

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Following a recent visit to Pyongyang by Russia’s defense minister, this world leader is expected to meet with Vladimir Putin later this month to advance arms negotiations.

Despite international pressures against it, North Korea's Kim Jong Un is expected to meet with Vladimir Putin in Russia to continue discussions on arms negotiations. Exact details of the meeting remain undisclosed.

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What did a recent New York Times investigation reveal about 2021 redistricting and political gerrymandering in Los Angeles?

The investigation revealed that the Democrat-run LA City Council ignored independent recommendations, failed to achieve one of its chief goals of fairer Latino representation, and splintered districts of newly-elected progressives like Nithya Raman. In 2020, Raman received more votes than any council member in the city’s history, but lost about 40 percent of this constituency during 2021 redistricting.

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In light of the challenges during the pandemic, the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) proposed this new rule for nursing homes, which some have criticized as unattainable.

The CMS proposal would require nursing homes to have one registered nurse for every 44 residents and one nurse on duty at all times. This move comes in response to the industry's troubled performance during the COVID-19 pandemic, when 200,000 nursing home residents died. It has been called unattainable by nursing home operators due to lack of funding and a nurse shortage.

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This Belgian-Dutch driver won the Italian Grand Prix for a 10th straight victory, breaking a Formula 1 record.

Max Verstappen, driving for Red Bull, secured his 10th consecutive Formula One victory at the Italian Grand Prix, setting a new F1 record. This win further extended Verstappen's lead in the championship standings. The Red Bull team has won 24 out of the last 25 races.