President Biden with autoworkers in Michigan

Pete Marovich for The New York Times

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Visiting Michigan this week, President Biden became the first sitting president to do what?

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Last night, the second Republican presidential debate took place, but Donald Trump did not attend. Further highlighting the importance of a particular group of voters, where was Trump instead?

Former President Trump gave a speech at a nonunion factory in Michigan, aiming to win over blue-collar workers. Trump's address was delivered at Drake Enterprises, which produces components for General Motors and Ford. He criticized Biden's push for electric vehicles, arguing it could cost autoworkers their jobs, and said that Biden only announced he was coming to Michigan after him.

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Travis King, an American soldier who crossed into North Korea, was released into US custody after 70 days of imprisonment. However, the U.S and North Korea did not negotiate his release directly—which northern country mediated the talks?

Private Travis King was expelled by North Korea into China and is now in US custody. The Swedish government, which has represented US interests in North Korea since 1995, facilitated his release and brought him to China. King will face discipline when he returns to the US.

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Playing for the New York Liberty, who won the WNBA MVP, becoming the third player in WNBA history to win multiple MVPs, Finals MVPs, and championships?

Breanna Stewart, playing for the New York Liberty, has been named the 2023 WNBA MVP in an extremely close race. Despite not receiving the most first-place votes, she had enough second-place votes to secure the win. She joined Lisa Leslie and Cynthia Cooper as the third player to win multiple MVPs, Finals MVPs, and championships.

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Which international organization which sends volunteers overseas is being sued for alleged discrimination against applicants with mental health conditions?

The Peace Corps is facing a lawsuit for allegedly rescinding invitations to applicants based on their mental health conditions, potentially violating the Rehabilitation Act. The organization has defended its actions, stating that it prioritizes the health and safety of its volunteers and wants to ensure that they don’t face crises in locations where specialized care is not available.