Kevin McCarthy in the US Capitol


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With all Democrats and eight conservatives voting together, what event occurred for the first time in US history yesterday?

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What measure did Justice Arthur Engoron take in response to Donald Trump's social media attack on the judge's principal law clerk in his civil fraud trial?

Justice Arthur Engoron issued a gag order after Donald Trump made a disparaging and false social media post about the judge's law clerk, Allison Greenfield. Trump's post included a photo of Greenfield and alleged that she was running the case against him. The gag order forbids all parties from publicly speaking or posting about any court staff, with serious sanctions for non-compliance.

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The largest health care strike in US history is expected to begin today at this heath system, the largest nonprofit health system in the US.

The Coalition of Kaiser Permanente Unions represents over 85,000 healthcare workers, including lab technicians, sanitation workers, and more. They are far from an agreement on issues like pay increases, retiree medical plans, and protections against subcontracting and outsourcing. Kaiser provides care for 13 million people, and delays are expected for non-urgent procedures and appointments.

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In an effort to test the national alert system and raise public awareness, which federal agencies are conducting a nationwide emergency alert test today, sending messages to cellphones, televisions, and radios across the US?

This nationwide test will be the seventh of its kind for the Emergency Alert System and the third for wireless alerts. FEMA will coordinate with the FCC to evaluate the system's capabilities and increase public readiness for national emergencies. It is mandated by federal law and aims to prepare people to act quickly in real emergencies.

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Citing risks to other orbiting satellites, why did the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) levy a fine on Dish Network, the first fine of its kind by the US government?

Dish Network was fined by the FCC for not moving their old satellite, EchoStar-7, far enough away from other satellites. This space debris poses potential risks to other satellites due to its current altitude. This event marks the first time the FCC has issued a fine for space junk.