Dianne Feinstein wins a 1992 Senate seat

George Nikitin/Associated Press

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U.S. Senator Dianne Feinstein, a Democrat from California, passed away at the age of 90 on Friday. Which of the following did she achieve during her career?

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With hours to spare, Congress passed a stopgap funding bill to prevent a government shutdown over the weekend. What was a notable exclusion from the bill?

The temporary funding bill, passed to avert a government shutdown, did not include support for Ukraine, despite this being a key policy initiative for President Biden. This has led to disappointment and criticism from the President and others who argue that the aid is crucial. However, the bill did ensure that the government is funded until mid-November and increased federal disaster assistance.

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Which U.S. Representative is expected to initiate a motion to oust House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, accusing him of breaking an agreement with House conservatives?

Matt Gaetz has decided to challenge Kevin McCarthy's leadership, accusing him of breaking an agreement with House conservatives and collaborating with Democrats to bypass spending limits. McCarthy responded by suggesting that Gaetz is more interested in publicity than policy action.

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In the WNBA Finals, one team is the reigning champion and the other is playing in their first Finals in over two decades. Which two teams are competing?

The New York Liberty have made it to the WNBA Finals for the first time in 21 years, after beating the Connecticut Sun in the semifinals. The Liberty will now face the reigning champion, the Las Vegas Aces. Both are considered “superteams,” with multiple all-star players on each. Game 1 is Sunday, October 8th.

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In an attempt to attract older viewers to network television, ABC has premiered a new reality show called "The Golden Bachelor." What unique feature sets this show apart?

“The Golden Bachelor” is a new reality show on ABC that aims to attract older viewers, a demographic that still predominantly watches network television. The show is unique as it features a 72-year-old widower and single women aged 60 to 75 competing for his heart.