French police engage with protesters

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In response to the Israel-Hamas conflict and rising antisemitism, how did the French government regulate public expressions of support for Palestine?

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Which joint action was taken by the United States and Qatar in response to Iran's support of Hamas?

Following harsh criticism that the prisoner swap deal by the Biden administration had freed up Iranian funds to provide support to Hamas, the US and Qatar have taken a joint action to prevent Iran from accessing the $6 billion. These funds were initially intended for humanitarian purposes, and US officials have said that the funds have not been accessed yet.

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What key issue led to the suspension of negotiations between entertainment studios and the actors' union?

The actors' union and the major entertainment studios have been in negotiations over various issues, including wage increases and the use of artificial intelligence. The talks collapsed when the studios refused to engage with proposals related to revenue streams, such as a viewership bonus. The California economy has lost an estimated $5 billion since the Hollywood strikes began.

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What was the outcome of Representative Steve Scalise's bid to be elected as the Speaker of the House?

Representative Steve Scalise withdrew his candidacy for Speaker of the House due to a lack of support from his Republican colleagues. Despite being nominated in a closed-door secret-ballot contest, Scalise was unable to secure the 217 votes needed for election.

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The "ring of fire" is a celestial event that will appear in the skies of North and South America this weekend and won't reoccur in these regions until 2046. What is it?

An annular solar eclipse, often referred to as a "ring of fire," occurs when the moon passes between the Earth and the sun but does not completely cover the sun's disk, leaving a visible ring of sunlight. Proper solar eclipse glasses are necessary for direct viewing to avoid eye injury.