An injured person is assisted in Gaza City

Mohammed Al-Masri/Reuters

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Yesterday, this location was bombed in the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas, causing hundreds of deaths and a major humanitarian crisis.

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Despite security concerns, which city is President Biden visiting today?

President Biden is visiting Tel Aviv today, demonstrating American solidarity with Israel amidst a looming threat of a ground invasion of the Gaza Strip. This visit comes while Gaza is facing a desperate humanitarian crisis, with overwhelmed hospitals, and shortages of food, water, and fuel. Biden's visit is also expected to delay the anticipated ground invasion.

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India's Supreme Court ruled against the legalization of this yesterday, stating that it is the responsibility of Parliament to pass laws to recognize it.

India's Supreme Court recently ruled against legalizing same-sex marriage, stating that it is the responsibility of Parliament to decide on expanding marriage laws to include queer unions.

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What unconventional housing solution is increasingly provided for working Americans who earn too much for government assistance but too little to afford traditional housing?

The lack of affordable housing has led to an increase in the number of working Americans who are “mobile homeless.” For example, in Los Angeles, nearly 60% of homeless live in their cars. These individuals have found refuge in designated parking lots, which started appearing in 2004, but have recently grown.

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Which U.S. policy change has caused a divide between the government and tech giants Nvidia and Intel by affecting their sales in a key international market?

The Biden administration has introduced tighter regulations on the export of AI chips to China, causing tensions with U.S. companies like Nvidia and Intel who heavily rely on the Chinese market for sales. These new rules are part of a larger strategy to limit China's access to advanced technologies and safeguard U.S. national security interests.