Hospital blast in Gaza City

Mohammed Saber/EPA

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Which group's action has been indicated by both U.S. and Israeli intelligence as the cause of a recent blast at a hospital in Gaza?

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Holding a banner that said “Our blood is the same color,” which group assembled in in the U.S. Capitol to demand Congress pass a cease-fire resolution in the Israel-Gaza war, with over 300 protestors arrested?

Jewish protesters from the anti-Zionist organization Jewish Voices for Peace demonstrated in Washington D.C. to voice their concerns about the humanitarian crisis and escalating violence in the Israel-Gaza war. They demanded that Congress pass a resolution for a cease-fire.

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Struggling to compete with larger competitors, which major pharmacy chain has recently filed for bankruptcy?

Rite Aid has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection due to its inability to compete with larger rivals, billions in debt, and multiple lawsuits related to the alleged filling of illegal prescriptions for painkillers. The company's stock has plummeted by nearly 80% since the start of the year.

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What significant adjustment is United Airlines making to their boarding procedure, aimed at reducing time and preventing delays?

United Airlines is modifying its boarding process to allow economy-class passengers with window seats to board before those with middle and aisle seats. This change is expected to save up to two minutes of boarding time, and will apply to all domestic flights and some international ones.

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Potentially replacing paid tools like TurboTax, what is the primary feature of the IRS's Direct File pilot program set to launch in 2024?

The Direct File pilot program is an initiative set to launch in 2024 that allows taxpayers to file their federal tax returns electronically for free directly through the IRS. The pilot program will also integrate state tax filings from certain states.