Police vehicle blocking the roads

John Tully for The New York Times

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Which state is currently on high alert as police search for Robert R. Card, who is believed to have fatally shot 18 individuals at a local bowling alley and bar?

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In a recent statement, President Biden controversially expressed skepticism toward which aspect of the ongoing conflict in Gaza?

Biden stated that he has "no confidence" in the numbers produced by the health ministry in Gaza, emphasizing that while innocent lives have likely been lost, he believes the numbers may be exaggerated. Following his comments, the health ministry released a list of more than 7,000 Palestinians, including nearly 3,000 children, paired with government identification numbers.

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Which automotive giant, known for its F-150 trucks, reached a tentative labor deal with the UAW, promising 25% wage increases and pension improvements?

Ford and the United Auto Workers (UAW) have agreed on a tentative labor deal that could conclude a 6-week long contract negotiation. The 4.5 year deal includes a 25 percent raise, the reinstatement of cost-of-living allowances, and improvements to pensions and 401K plans. The deal is still subject to ratification by the UAW's 57,000 Ford workers.

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What controversial measure is now being offered by New York City to manage the city's migrant population and cut costs?

Mayor Eric Adams' plan is meant to address the lack of space in city shelters and the high costs associated with housing migrants. Critics argue that the measure lacks compassion and inclusivity, as it potentially displaces people who wish to stay in the city. The plan comes amid a surge in the migrant population, with 130,000 new arrivals since last year.

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The "Grow Your Own" program is gaining popularity as a solution to address the 55,000 vacant teacher positions in the U.S. What characterizes this pathway to becoming a teacher?

The "Grow Your Own" programs recruit potential teachers from within local communities, and are currently in use in an estimated 900 school districts. Critics argue that there's limited empirical evidence supporting their success, while proponents believe they can increase teacher diversity and remove financial hurdles to becoming an educator.