Al Ahli hospital in Gaza

Mohammed Saber/EPA

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Yesterday, The New York Times issued an Editor's Note about its initial coverage of the Oct 17 hospital explosion in Gaza City. Which organization's claims did it admit to relying too heavily on for information?

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Despite the danger of Israeli airstrikes, hundreds of thousands of Palestinians are choosing to remain in their homes. What historical event are they afraid might repeat if they leave?

In 1948, during the Arab-Israeli War, around 700,000 Palestinians were displaced from their homes in what is now Israel. This event is referred to as the Nakba or "catastrophe" in Arabic. Today, many Palestinians in Gaza fear a repeat of this mass displacement amid Israeli airstrikes, even as they face immediate danger.

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Yesterday, the Israeli military showed a 47-minute video compilation from the Hamas attacks to foreign reporters. What was military's stated goal in sharing this footage?

The Israeli government wants to push back on what it calls a "Holocaust-denial-like phenomenon happening in real-time." The footage depicted horrific scenes collected from body cameras, dash cams, and more. However, Human Rights Watch has said that the acts by Hamas do not justify the "war crimes against Palestinian civilians."

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Although fortunately reversed by the crew, what technical action did an off-duty pilot attempt on an Alaska Airlines flight that led to his arrest and over 80 counts of attempted murder?

On a flight from Everett, WA to San Francisco, Joseph D. Emerson, the off-duty pilot, attempted to deploy the plane's fire suppression system which would have cut fuel to the engines mid-flight. Fortunately, the flight crew quickly reset the mechanism and restored fuel flow. Emerson was detained and the flight was safely landed in Portland, Oregon without injuries.

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The United Auto Workers (UAW) has employed a new, phased approach to striking called a "stand up strike,” with a Dodge Ram plant being the latest to walk out. What's a stand up strike?

The "stand up strike" strategy contrasts with the Sit-Down Strikes of 1937, whose movement helped form the UAW. In a stand up strike, work stoppages are limited to select locations chosen by the union. The UAW believes this provides them with maximum leverage and flexibility in negotiations